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Calculate discount on the basis of sales

01/01/2002 08:22
  public class calculatingdiscountsonsales { public static void main(String args[]) { int sales=2000; double discount=0; if(sales>15000) { discount=0.3; double prize=sales*discount; System.out.println(prize); System.out.println("discount is 30...

Print which number is largest

01/01/2002 08:19
  public class printinglargeorsmallnumbers { public static void main(String args[]) { int n1=95; int n2=95; { if(n1>n2) System.out.println("1st is largest"); if(n2>n1) System.out.println("2nd is largest"); if(n2==n1) System.out.println("both are...

Print whether the number is odd or even

01/01/2002 08:17
  public class oddeven { public static void main(String args[]) { int a=53; if(a%2==0) System.out.println("the number is even"); else System.out.println("the number is odd"); } }

Generate table of any number

01/01/2002 08:16
  public class generatingtables { public static void main(String args[]) { int x=95; for (int a=1;a<=10;a=a+1) { int y=x*a; System.out.println(y); } } }  

Calculate percentage of student on basis of 5 subject marks and also give grades on basis of percentage

01/01/2002 08:14
   */ public class Studentpercentage { public static void main(String args[]) { String Student; int a=75; int b=72; int c=71; int d=79; int e=69; int f=a+b+c+d+e; int percentage=f*100; double...

Write a program to print febonicci series

01/01/2002 08:13
  public class febonicci { public static void main(String args[]) { int c; int a=0; int b=1; System.out.println(a+" "+b); for(int i=3;i<=20;i++) { c=a+b; a=b; b=c; System.out.println(c); } } }  

Write a program with overloaded function volume() to calculate the volume of cube,cuboid and a cylinder

01/01/2002 08:01
  public class husain { void volume(int l,int b,int h) { int volume=l*b*h; System.out.println(volume); } void volume() { int side=5; int volume=side*side*side; System.out.println(volume); } void volume(double a,double b,double c) { double d=a*b*c; double...

To call swap programs into main method using third way

01/01/2002 07:49
This type of calling function into main method is called as "call by reference" method   public class reference { int a=10; int b=15; void swap(reference ob1) { int c; c=ob1.a; ob1.a=ob1.b; ob1.b=c; System.out.println(a); System.out.println(b); } public static void...

Another way by which we can call swap program into main method f

01/01/2002 07:42
  This method of calling is also called as "call by values" public class values { void swap(int a,int b) { int c; c=a; a=b; b=c; System.out.println(a); System.out.println(b); } public static void main(String args[]) { int x=10; int y=15; values ob1=new...
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